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We're on a mission to change every orphan's life for the good.  We incorporate this mission into every product we make.  When you buy one of our products, we give money to help a family with their adoption-related expenses so they can bring their little one home.  

Help us give the gift of family to a child today!

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Want to double your impact?

It's easy.  Just buy a blanket for an orphan.  We do the rest.  

We make it simple for you to give a blanket to an orphan.  All you need to do is buy our Double Your Impact blanket.  We give the blanket to a child for you AND your purchase helps a family fund their adoption and bring their little one home.  

Ready to double your impact?  Just click the image to the left.  And just like that...with a few clicks, you've made a lasting difference in the lives of two children.  How awesome is that?

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Kevin & Kate Maurice | Adopting from Thailand

bundleFamily | Kevin & Kate Maurice

Meet Kevin and Kate, our first bundle family! We are excited to be partnering with them during their adoption journey. Read on to learn more about them and how you can help them bring their little girl home. 
April 19, 2017 by Lisa Johnson
Help our families adopt today!

Help our families adopt today!

Help us bring a little one home to their forever family.  Every purchase you make brings our bundle families one step closer to completing their adoption journey.  Be a part of their journey today! #OneStepCloser
March 29, 2017 by Lisa Johnson

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