bundle&company | Our Mission

Changed for the Good

The very essence of bundle&company is seeing every orphan's life changed for the good.  What does it mean to be changed for the good?  

  • Bridge the financial gap separating orphans from their forever families
  • Unite people and organizations with the common goal of helping orphans
  • Need your help to carry out our mission
  • Direct impact in the lives of orphans and their forever families
  • Lasting relationships with families, orphanages and partners
  • Educate and train orphans to be successful in life

Help us change a life today!

Bridging the Financial Gap

Providing the financial resources necessary to help bring these kids home to their forever families is one of the main things that drives us.  It starts with you.  Your purchases enable us to help adoptive families bring their kids home.  

We work hard to ensure that our giving is responsible.  We do not provide any funds to a family unless we are certain they would provide a good and loving home for these children.  

Uniting People

When people come together for the common good of helping others, it can be inspiring to watch unfold.  We desire to unite and connect people, organizations and communities under one purpose: helping the lives of orphans change for the good.  When we work together, we can accomplish much.  

Need You

Every aspect of what we do is dependent on you.  Without your continued support through making purchases, sharing us with your network of people, and helping us spread the message of bundle&company, we could not do any of this.  You are crucial to our continued success.  

Direct Impact

We believe in making a direct impact in the lives of orphans through our giving.  This impact could be helping to bring these children home to loving families, providing education and training to help them be successful in life, or supplying critical medical and nutritional care for them.  Whatever we are doing, it is making a direct impact in the lives of these children.  

Lasting Relationships

When a family brings their child home for the first time, this is just the beginning of their adoption journey, not the end.  We want to be there for these families along the way to encourage and support them.  This same philosophy carries over to the orphanages we work with as well as our other partners.  We value these relationships and desire to see them flourish.    

Education & Training 

Sadly, most orphans will not be adopted.  For these kids, they face a difficult life on the streets.  What happens to these kids is the real tragedy of the orphan crisis. 

When we thought about how to help these kids, we realized that providing them with an education is crucial to their future success in life.  To accomplish this goal, we will be starting Teach200.  

Teach200 is a partnership between bundle&company and our partner orphanages with the goal of educating and training every orphan so they can be successful in life.

It's an enormous goal, but one we can accomplish with your help.

Expanding our Reach - Our Partners

We work with some fantastic partners.  They play an essential role in our giving programs by providing us with the infrastructure to help us make a direct impact in the lives of so many children.  Their support ensures that our giving is responsible and helpful to these kids and not harmful in any way.

We are always looking for new partners to help us achieve our mission.  If you are interested in partnering with us, please send us an email at partners@bundleandcompany.com.