The Johnsons - Jesh, Lisa & Addie

The Johnsons

According to some recent stats, there are a little over 2.3 million people in the US with the last name of 'Johnson'.  Our family comprises 3 of them: Jesh, Lisa and our little daughter Addie.  We make our home just outside of Chicago.

Aside from being passionate about adoption and orphan care, we enjoy being outdoors, traveling, cooking, camping and hanging out with family and friends. We love board games too!  

Family is very important to us.  That's one of the reasons why we are so committed to easing the financial burden many families face when adopting a child. Helping children come home to their forever families is an honor and a privilege. 

The Abbots - Harper, Katie, Emily, Lainey, Bekah, Titus, Maggie & Juliet

The Abbots

Our family enjoys creating and building together.  We have a 'DIY' approach to life that can be seen in our love of sewing, cooking, and being outdoors together. We tend to 'geek out' on botany, zoology, and mycology.  We are thankful for each of our 6 children and the home we have established together.  Every day is a new adventure!

Unfortunately, there are many children in the world that do not have the stability of a loving and permanent home.  They have no sense of belonging.  We have seen the amazing transformation that can take place when a child is adopted into a committed, loving family.  We want every orphan to have that experience.  That is why we are passionate about helping these children find their forever families.

There is a huge need for adoptive families, and we are committed to helping them make their adoption dream a reality.

Thank You!

You can read more about our mission to see every orphan's life changed for the good and how you can play a part by reading Our Mission.  You can also read our blog for more about the journey that brought us to start bundle&company.

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